Aug 3

Panic in the aisle

I picked the wrong day to go to Walmart. Ok, there never really is a “right” day to go to Walmart, but today- exceptionally bad.
It’s tax free weekend. Crowds buying school supplies, wrecking orderly shelves, standing in the narrow aisle chatting and blocking my way.
I panicked a little, just buying random food instead of following my list. I just wanted to get out of there!
So now I have parts of meals and I’m doomed to another trip to Walmart. Ugh!

The basic question

There is really only a single basic question every person must answer for his/her self. Does God exist and if so, how should I live in light of that fact? Answering that question leads to others, sure, but each life hinges on its answer. I would like to hear what you think. Is this the question or is there another?

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We need more cowbell!

Mar 6

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Mar 1

I’ll be forty in a few weeks. It’s kind of shocking to write those words. When I was a teen, I did not think I would make it to twenty much less forty.
My oldest just received his acceptance letter to college, and I started to realize that the hands-on work of parenthood is half-way over for me. Only half-way because his sister is just reaching pre-teen age and I can see it is going to be bumpy already.
Realizing I’m going to be somewhat out of a job soon, I started to think of things I use to enjoy before kids, even before husband came along. It shocked me to know I don’t really remember what I really enjoyed doing.
Perhaps it’s a mid-life crisis of sorts, although my grandad is still alive and kicking so It may be a bit early for that. Still, I’ve got to figure out where I went ‘cause I hardly recognize me.